If you’re a small business struggling to keep your head above water because of the Covid-19 pandemic, then ERC Specialists may be able to help you navigate the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program. This stimulus initiative offers financial support to businesses that have retained their employees throughout the pandemic, with benefits of up to $26,000 per employee and no limit on funding.


ERC Specialists at a glance

Standout Features: ERC Specialists is a company that specializes in helping small businesses maximize their funding from this program by providing expert advice and assistance. They are one of the few companies that forgo charging clients until their request for the tax credit has been approved. Those fees are then based on a percentage of the credit recovered.

However, it’s important to know whether this company is legitimate before deciding whether or not to use its services. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of ERC Specialists’ services and expertise in understanding and maximizing the ERC tax credits. We’ll also look at common complaints about the company and its legitimacy through sources such as BBB ratings and Google reviews.

So if you’re considering using ERC Specialists for your business’s funding needs, read on for our comprehensive review.

Company Overview

If you’re a small business owner looking to maximize funding and retain employees during the pandemic, ERC Specialists can help. They’ll navigate the complex ERC program and provide expert guidance to ensure your eligibility. With decades of payroll experience, their team specifically focuses on understanding and maximizing the ERC tax credits to provide businesses with the best possible outcome.

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a stimulus program designed to boost businesses that were able to retain their employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The benefits of this credit include up to $26,000 per employee, no limit on funding, flexible use of funds, available for 2020 Q1-Q3 2021. However, eligibility criteria are strict and require Covid-related restrictions, reduction in revenue, and supply chain disruptors. Furthermore, wages of owners who have majority ownership or immediate family members do not qualify for this credit.

Navigating through all these requirements can be time-consuming and complex. That’s why hiring a dedicate ERC expert can help small business owners receive maximum benefits from this stimulus package. They’ll assist in identifying all eligible employees for this credit while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.


You can find ERC Specialists located at 560 E. Timpanogos Circle in Orem, UT 84097. Their team of experienced payroll professionals specialize in maximizing funding for small businesses through the Employee Retention Tax Credit program.

The location is easily accessible and provides a professional atmosphere for clients to meet with the team and discuss their business needs. ERC Specialists’ office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources to ensure that clients receive top-notch services.

They have decades of combined experience in payroll management and specifically focus on understanding and maximizing the ERC program. Their expertise allows them to provide valuable insights into how businesses can navigate the complex regulations surrounding the government program.

ERC Specialists’ location also serves as a hub for client consultations, training seminars, and other events related to payroll management. The company strives to create a welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their business needs and building long-term relationships with the team.

Phone Number

Don’t miss out on claiming the employee retention credit for your small business! Give ERC Specialists a call today at (877) 272-4555 to speak with one of their experienced tax experts and attorneys who specialize in maximizing the ERTC returns.

When you call, be prepared to provide information about your business’s eligibility criteria, such as Covid-related restrictions, reduction in revenue, and supply chain disruptors. The specialists will guide you through the simple four-step process to claim your refund and explain how they can help you receive up to $26,000 per employee.

ERC Specialists’ phone lines may be busy at times due to high demand for their services. However, many clients have praised their excellent communication skills and professional team members who are very knowledgeable about the nuances of the program.

So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call today!

ERC Specialists Fee Structure

Paying ERC Specialists’ service charge upfront can save you money, as they offer a discount for doing so. By paying the fee upfront, you can avoid the higher 15% fee that is charged if you pay upon receiving your ERC funds. This discount makes it more affordable for small businesses to take advantage of the ERC program and maximize their funding.

It’s important to note that the service charge is based on a percentage of the credit recovered, and there are no hidden fees or additional charges. The transparency in pricing allows businesses to accurately budget for their ERC application without any surprises down the line. Furthermore, by deducting the full fee from your refund once received, you don’t have to worry about upfront costs impacting your cash flow.

ERC Specialists’ competitive fees make it an attractive option for small businesses looking to maximize their funding through the Employee Retention Credit program. With a clear understanding of eligibility criteria and extensive experience in payroll management, working with ERC specialists can help ensure that your business receives all eligible benefits while minimizing any potential risks or errors in filing paperwork or calculating credits accurately.

Customer Complaints

If you’re considering working with ERC Specialists, it’s important to note that some clients have experienced long phone hold times and an understandable hesitancy towards paying the 15% fee. While the company has very few negative reviews, these two issues seem to be the most common complaints among customers.

Long wait times on the phone can be frustrating for busy business owners who need quick answers to their questions about eligibility criteria or payment options. High fees may also deter some businesses from using ERC Specialists’ services, especially if they’re already struggling financially.

When it comes to fees, ERC Specialists charges a percentage of the credit recovered as a service charge. While this is standard practice in the industry, some clients have felt that the fees charged by ERC Specialists are too high. It’s worth noting that there are different payment options available, including paying the fee upfront at a discount or deducting the full fee from the refund once received. However, businesses should carefully consider whether using ERC Specialists is worth it for them based on their financial situation and how much they stand to gain from the program.

Overall, while there are some complaints about long wait times and high fees when dealing with ERC Specialists, these issues don’t seem to be widespread or indicative of larger problems with the company’s services. As always, business owners should weigh their options carefully before deciding whether to work with an outside consultant like ERC Specialists and consult with a lawyer and CPA for legal and accounting advice as needed.

BBB Rating

With a B rating from the Better Business Bureau, ERC Specialists has a proven track record of providing trustworthy and reliable services to small businesses seeking to maximize their funding through the Employee Retention Credit program. This rating indicates that ERC Specialists has met high standards of business practices, including transparency, honesty, and integrity.

The BBB also verifies that ERC Specialists responds promptly to customer complaints and works diligently to resolve them. ERC Specialists’ commitment to quality service is further reflected in its 100% money-back guarantee if the IRS does not release the credit for any reason. This guarantee shows that ERC Specialists is confident in its ability to help businesses claim their rightful share of funding through the Employee Retention Tax Credit program.

Additionally, the company offers competitive rates for its services, ranging from 10% to 15%, which are comparable or lower than other top refund companies. As a small business owner looking for assistance with filing and claiming your ERC refund, you can trust that ERC Specialists will provide you with reliable and professional services backed by years of experience in payroll taxes.

With their secure online portal and simple four-step process for claiming the ERC credit, they make it easy for you to access your funds without worrying about complex paperwork or confusing regulations.

Google Reviews

You’ll be pleased to know that other small business owners like yourself have had positive experiences working with ERC Specialists, as evidenced by the 4.5/5 star rating on Google based on over 140 reviews.

Many clients commend the company’s expertise in maximizing ERTC funding and providing excellent customer service throughout the process.

Several customers also appreciate how ERC Specialists is able to simplify complex tax-related matters and make them easily understandable.

Based on the reviews, their team of experts have helped many businesses navigate through the complexities of the Employee Retention Credit and obtain significant funding for their operations.

Clients praise the specialists for their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to ensuring maximum benefits for their clients.

The company’s ability to provide personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation has also been highly valued by many customers.

Overall, ERC Specialists seems to be a trusted partner for small business owners looking to take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit.

With its extensive payroll experience and focus on understanding and maximizing ERTC, it appears that many businesses have found success in working with this company.

If you’re considering applying for ERC funds or need assistance with your application process, you may want to consider reaching out to this team of experts who appear dedicated to helping you get the most out of this stimulus program.

Bottom Line: Can you Trust ERC Specialists with your ERTC Filing?

ERC Specialists is a reputable company based in Utah that provides nationwide services to eligible businesses seeking assistance with the Employee Retention Credit program. The company has been operating for years, and its staff members have decades of payroll experience. They specialize in maximizing ERC funding for small businesses, making sure that they meet the eligibility criteria and receive all the benefits available under the program.

One of the main concerns that many business owners have when considering working with ERC Specialists is whether or not it’s a legit company. The answer to this question is yes. ERC Specialists LLC is registered as a limited liability company in Utah, which means that it’s recognized by both state and federal authorities as a legal entity.

Additionally, ERC Specialists is one of the only ERTC companies to have a certified status with the Better Business Bureau with a solid B rating, indicating that it has a good reputation among its clients.

If you’re looking for help with your Employee Retention Credit application or any other related matters, you can trust ERC Specialists to provide you with reliable and professional service. The company focuses solely on understanding and maximizing the ERC tax credits for its clients, so you can be confident that they have the expertise necessary to help you get the most out of this valuable stimulus initiative.