What is Innovation Refunds

Innovation Refunds is a dedicated team of tax professionals that specialize in helping small and medium businesses (SMB) claim what they’re rightfully entitled to – payroll tax refunds.

Our TV spots, which even feature famed actor Ty Burrell in the “Second Opinion” commercial, provide insight into who we are and the services we offer. We delve deep into provisions like Employee Retention Credit (ERC), Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and other government-backed initiatives aimed at supporting businesses during challenging times such as staffing shortages, commerce disruptions or reduced operating hours caused by unexpected events like the recent pandemic.

Utilizing an experienced network of independent tax attorneys, certified public accountants (CPA), and dedicated account executives, we guide SMBs through the complex process of claiming their ERC funds.

If you’ve kept on your employees through trying times or endured hardships related to business operations but still haven’t claimed any refund – our advertisements assure you can get money back – up to $26k per employee! Even if you got PPP loans before, there’s potentially more relief available for your business with Innovation Refunds.

Recent Innovation Refunds Commercials

Innovation Refunds has been reaching out to small business owners through a series of engaging TV commercials. One spot that draws attention is titled “Lomita Feed: Payroll Tax Refund,” which targets businesses hit hard by the pandemic, emphasizing their commitment to supporting such entities.

The commercial underscores how recovering payroll taxes could significantly benefit struggling establishments.

There’s also a noteworthy ad starring actor Ty Burrell—known as “Second Opinion.” It grabs our attention with its clear messaging and high-profile star power, reinforcing the legitimacy of Innovation Refunds’ services.

For those who might have already availed of PPP loans but are unsure if they can still receive extra support, another informative commercial assures viewers that it’s possible to get more assistance even after receiving PPP funds.

For Spanish-speaking business owners, there’s an entire advertisement in Spanish – “Reembolso de impuestos de nómina”. This multilingual approach indicates their dedication to serving diverse communities across America.

These targeted messages show Innovation Refunds’ understanding of how different segments navigate financial challenges. Through these commercials, we’re encouraged to explore potential refunds for every eligible employee – up to $26,000 per head according to one particular ad spot!

Innovation Refunds Actor – Who is Starring in these Commercials?

You might recognize a familiar face in some of the Innovation Refunds commercials. The actor Ty Burrell, known for his role on the hit sitcom “Modern Family,” stars in one of the TV spots titled “Second Opinion.” Capturing viewers’ attention with his light-hearted and relatable persona, Ty delivers the message of Innovation Refunds to small business owners across various industries.

His presence not only adds credibility and visibility to these campaigns but also helps portray complex tax information into digestible nuggets for potential clients exploring their eligibility for Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

So whether you’re tuning in during prime-time shows or viewing ads online, be on lookout as this engaging commercial just might pop up on your screens! With such high-profile talent involved, it’s safe to say that Innovation Refunds is taking its commitment towards helping Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) seriously.

Understanding the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

We know that the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) can seem complicated, especially to small and medium businesses navigating through business disruptions such as staffing shortages or reduced operating hours.

However, taking a step back and simplifying it; ERC is essentially part of the CARES Act – a government-funded program designed to facilitate payroll tax refunds for eligible businesses affected by travel restrictions and commerce disruptions.

This unprecedented initiative encourages SMBs to hold onto their employees during tough times, offering up to $26,000 per employee in refunds. It’s important for you as an entrepreneur to understand this; even if you’ve already obtained Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, claiming ERC funds may still be possible.

You might think this sounds too good but real-time ad measurements such as national airings along with success stories like Lomita Feed: Payroll Tax Refund add credibility here.

So how do companies like Innovation Refunds come into play? They’re composed of independent tax professionals including CPAs and tax attorneys who specialize in navigating these complex processes – assisting with eligibility checks, claim submissions right through IRS audit protections should they become necessary.

And yes! The commercials you see on TV showcasing examples of companies benefitting from these services are indeed legit. These spots highlight both English speaking entrepreneurs in pieces like “Hard Work” with Ty Burrell and also cater to our Spanish-language business owners underlining inclusivity within its clientele base through their commercial titled “Reembolso de impuestos de nómina”.

No upfront costs are promised by Innovation Refunds making them more accessible while their Trustpilot reviewers vouch for credibility and reliability providing greater reassurance in light of your understandable skepticism.

Real-world Success Stories of Businesses Benefitting from Innovation Refunds

Innovation Refunds has seen numerous small businesses benefit from their services and receive significant payroll tax refunds. Here are some real-world success stories that demonstrate the positive impact of their services:

Conclusion: Are these Commercials an Honest Representation of Results?

In conclusion, while the Innovation Refunds commercials may seem enticing, it is important for small business owners to approach them with caution. While they emphasize the potential benefits of payroll tax refunds through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), it is crucial for businesses to thoroughly evaluate their eligibility and consult with independent tax professionals before making any decisions.

Additionally, it is recommended to research customer reviews and testimonials to ensure a trustworthy experience.